The Normandy Process…
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  • The Normandy Process…

    When lifestyle changes require home style changes, you begin to formulate ideas about renovation options. But where do you go from there with your ideas?

    In-Home Design Consultation

    You call Normandy Remodeling for a free, in-home design consultation to discuss your ideas and explore your options. Normandy designers are experts in helping homeowners define their vision and realize their goals. The process starts with our first visit to your home. Your designer will discuss the issues you are trying to address to learn what you are hoping to achieve. We will talk about your wish list and tour the areas in your home you are looking to renovate to identify the project scope. Your designer will show you examples of other Chicago area home improvement projects we have completed and will walk you through our design/build process to answer all your questions.

    You may meet with your designer several times during the early stage of the planning process as we begin to fine tune the scope of your project. We will prepare detailed floor plans and elevations for your review and approval. Cost projections are provided, budgets are established, and financing options are explored at this phase of the process. Concepts that started out as vague ideas are filling in with detail. Excitement builds as images of the completed project begin to emerge!

    Developing Blueprints & Choosing Design Elements

    Once preliminary layouts and designs have been finalized and meet with your approval, we submit them to our team of staff architects who will begin preparing the blueprints that will be used by our craftsmen in the field. Great care and attention to detail is provided to ensure code compliance, structural soundness and beauty in the finished product.

    During this same period of time, you will meet with your designer at our showroom to select the products and finishes that will be used in your project. There is a vast array of materials, options and finishes from which to choose. We created the 8,000 square foot Normandy Showroom and Interactive Design Center to be used as a resource in the selection process, ultimately saving much time. It is centrally located in the Chicagoland area and provides an incredible selection of unique design elements. Beautiful room displays offer inspiration and you will be able to see and touch the products you will be choosing. With the guidance of your experienced designer, you will discover a world of stunning and innovative products and accessories that can be used in the design and construction of your renovation masterpiece.

    Obtaining Building Permits

    Normandy Remodeling will obtain all of the necessary construction permits from your municipality. You can relax and proceed with the construction, fully confident that everything is being taken care of.

    Project Management

    When building permits are issued, construction will begin soon thereafter. You will be assigned a project manager who will be overseeing the construction activity. He will meet with you before construction begins and frequently thereafter to answer any questions and to provide overviews and progress updates. Communication is very important, and your project manager will be instrumental in keeping you informed and making sure everything is running smoothly and to your specifications.

    Life During Construction

    If you are living in your home during the construction period, (and most of our clients do!), we understand your normal routine may feel somewhat interrupted. Please be assured that we will take every possible measure to be as unobtrusive and respectful as possible. We provide dumpsters, port-o-lets, and will cover the construction areas to minimize debris and dust. The offset to the construction activity will be the excitement you’ll experience each day as you get closer to project completion and can begin to enjoy your newly remodeled home!

    Completing the Renovation Project

    As construction nears completion, your project manager will take you on a final walk though. At this point any concerns you have will be noted and resolved prior to finishing your project. Your complete satisfaction is our highest goal. Our total commitment to client satisfaction is the reason that 95% of our customers would refer us to friends and family.

    Our Warranty That You Will Be Completely Satisfied

    Not only do we want you to be happy upon completion of your renovation project, but we want you to be happy going forward. This is why we give you Normandy Remodeling’s Construction Warranty which guarantees that we will provide any service needed on your renovation for five years.