Our Mission – What Makes Us Different
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  • Our Mission – What Makes Us Different

    There are many remodeling firms in the Chicagoland area for you to choose from for your home addition or kitchen renovation project. Most provide similar descriptions of their services, processes and reputations. So what makes Normandy different and truly stand out from the rest?

    It is our complete and total commitment to customer satisfaction in each and every job we build. This commitment has resulted in thousands of successful home improvement projects over a span of thirty years and a customer base of raving fans who have repeatedly referred our services to family members and friends for their own renovations. If we did not stand by our commitment to be the best in our profession and provide unwavering customer service to our clients, we could never make this claim.

    For over thirty years, Normandy’s mission statement has been the foundation upon which our business practice, reputation and customer service has been built:

    Our Mission┬áis to provide our customers with an exceptional home remodeling experience. We are successful when our customers are satisfied and willing to refer us to others.”

    Strong Relationships are the cornerstones of our business:

    • Relationships with our customers which are built upon trust
    • Relationships with employees which are mutually rewarding
    • Relationships with our business partners which are based upon loyalty

    Value is our competitive strength. Our efforts must be directed toward continuous improvement to forever deliver value.

    Integrity is our guiding light. Our policies, procedures, decisions, and actions are based upon fairness and good business ethics.”

    Trust, value, integrity, fairness and good business ethics are embedded in the heart and soul of the Normandy organization and we hold true to these principles daily. We view each encounter with a new or returning client as a privilege and strive to provide our best and be our best each and every time.

    Trust and a solid reputation can only be earned with time, experience and performance. If you are looking for a remodeling firm to renovate your home, then we hope you begin your search by reading the testimonial letters we have received over the years from customers we have served to see if their experiences are what you are looking to find. We can talk about how hard we try to provide the best service possible, but it has much more meaning when it comes from the folks we have built for in the past.