• Kathryn O’Donovan

    Kathryn O'Donovan

    The daughter of an architect and builder, Kathryn was inspired by beautiful design from an early age. While visiting the construction sites of many of her father’s projects, Kathryn developed a true appreciation for the artistic effort and talent required to create beautiful space and structure. She also learned to recognize the importance that detail brings to good design. Aspiring to combine the basics she had learned with the creative energy she possessed, Kathryn pursued her own dream of becoming a designer and today is a valued member of Normandy’s talented design team.

    Raised in Ireland, Kathryn moved to Chicago in 1995 and studied for a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts at the International Academy. She quickly found her niche in the kitchen and bath industry, creating stunning designs and quality work that have earned her the reputation of a highly regarded industry professional. Her success has made it possible for her to work with two celebrity designers on their projects and she also assisted in intercontinental and international design projects from Hawaii to Austria.

    Kathryn’s success as a designer is rooted in the relationship of trust she develops with her clients. By truly listening to their concerns, needs and ideas, Kathryn is adept in being able to conceptualize a design solution that brings function, beauty and style to the newly remodeled space that reflects the homeowners’ tastes and personalities. Her commitment to providing her clients with a positive, enjoyable remodeling experience is sincere, her design ability is inspired and the end results of her efforts are spectacular.

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