Turn Your Sample Door Into Home Décor‎

During the remodeling process, one of the steps homeowners need to go through is selections, where they choose the design elements for their project.  After completing their kitchen remodeling project with Normandy Designer Vince Weber, these homeowners decided to reinvent their cabinetry sample door, and create a unique piece for their newly remodeled kitchen. The homeowners decided to add chalk paint to the center of their shaker style door, and came up with an interactive message center to list quick notes and even the menu items for the evening!

kitchen cabinet door ideas chalk paint ideas Chalk paint ideas kitchen

Normandy Contemporary Kitchen at Abt Electronics

With the picturesque view of the Chicago skyline, it’s easy to find where the inspiration came from for Senior Residential Designer Christopher Ebert, who did an amazing job designing this contemporary galley style kitchen.  The streamlined cabinetry draws attention upward and adds visual height to this small galley kitchen.  The city influence is enhanced even further with the stainless steel appliances and sculptural metal, seen on the kitchen peninsula, which mimics the architectural design seen through the framed kitchen window. See below for photos of our newest displays on the North Shore at Abt Electronics in Glenview!

Natural walnut cabinetry with satin finish and matte black hardware.

Chicago condo kitchen ideas

Cubby-hole wine storage and concealed TV niche.

Lift cabinets kitchen

Kitchen peninsula with natural stone countertop and structural metal legs.

White countertops

Tall natural wood kitchen cabinetry.

Tall kitchen cabinet pantry

Porcelain backsplash tiles.

Over the range backsplash ideas

Soft- close kitchen cabinetry.

Soft close hinges


Normandy Luxury Traditional Kitchen Display at Abt Electronics

If the combination of color in this luxury traditional kitchen doesn’t draw you in, the gorgeous coffered ceiling will surely do the trick. As you first enter the traditional kitchen, impeccably designed by Senior Residential Designer Chris Ebert, you will notice the dual level island that takes center stage on the large scale porcelain floor tiles that mimic the look of leather.  The dark wood perimeter cabinets frame the space and help create visual focal points for the bright red and taupe painted cabinetry.

As you make your way through the kitchen, you will also notice the ornate arch that features two shelving niches for cooking essentials, gorgeous marble countertops and a beautifully detailed tiled backsplash.  The arch is an ideal space for cooking and food prep and has plenty of storage for cooking and kitchen utensils in the surrounding red cabinetry. See below for photos of our newest displays on the North Shore at Abt Electronics in Glenview!

Colorful cabinetry and vaulted ceilings.

Dual level kitchen island

Dual level island with pop up TV and table height seating.

Painted cabinetry

English bronze bridge faucet and black super single bowl sink.

Single bowl sink

Wood paneled refrigerator.

Wood paneled refrigerator

Eat in kitchen table with antiqued chandelier.

Kitchen table ideas

Ornate cooking arch with marble countertops and niche shelving.

Niche shelving ideas


Large kitchen ideas

Normandy Glam Bar Display at Abt Electronics

The glamorous entry bar, designed exquisitely by Senior Residential Designer Chris Ebert, is the first Normandy display you encounter of the three at Abt Electronics in Glenview.  The elegant features, such as the custom linear etching on the intense black engineered stone or the whimsical chandelier that hangs above, capture immediate attention. The curved metal brackets that support the bar add additional contrast against the unique pattern, as well as accent the simplicity of the backless bar stools. See below for photos of our newest displays on the North Shore!

View as you enter the Normandy Remodeling Displays at Abt Electronics.

black and white bar

Black engineered stone countertops and cladding with custom etching design.

Black and white contrast

Elegant bar chandelier.

Glamorous chandelier

Hammered brass nickel bar sink with polished nickel fixtures.

Hammered metal bar sink

Normandy Kitchen Displays now at Abt Electronics!

Bar area ideasNormandy is thrilled to announce that our new kitchen displays, designed by Normandy Designer Chris Ebert, at Abt Electronics in Glenview have officially opened!

As you enter the displays through the Atrium and into the Design Inspiration Gallery, you will notice the glamorous bar area.  The elegant details, such as the sparkling chandelier and the unique cross pattern that is etched into the black engineered stone, capture immediate attention and add drama to the space. Chicago condo kitchen ideasThe dual levels of this bar keep the prep space, which is home to a hammered metal sink and polished accents, separate from the bar height eating area, making this bar a must-have for entertaining. See more photos of this project.

As you move your way past the bar, you will notice the contemporary kitchen and luxury traditional kitchen.  The contemporary kitchen features clean lines, warm colors and elongated features that add height and visual interest to the space. This metropolitan inspired kitchen is able to complement the view, as well as the lifestyle, that’s familiar to many Chicagoans. See more photos of this project.


Large kitchen with island

And for those of you with a somewhat larger kitchen, and a passion for fine-details, the luxury traditional kitchen is unlike any other. Featuring bright red colors and warm wood cabinetry finishes, traditional is truly
brought to the next level in this space.

The luxurious details seen throughout this kitchen including glittering tile, the antiqued chandelier, and the gorgeous coffered ceiling, give this exceptional space its unique character. See more photos of this project.

Finding Space For The TV Over The Fireplace

Vaulted ceilingsIf you visit the family room in a typical American home, you’ll find focal point of the room tends to be the television.  It tends to be a primary location for entertainment viewing and often the furnishings are arranged to make the most of the TV viewing experience.  You may also find that many of these same family rooms have a beautiful fireplace which is a natural focal point for the room, which can conflict with the more practical usability of the television.  Many peopleStone fireplace faced with this challenged have decided to pair both the fireplace and the television into a single unified focal point of the room by placing the television above the fireplace.

“In many homes, placing the TV over the fireplace can make a great deal of design sense, however, there are important requirements that need to be met in order to create a visually pleasing, yet functional, center-of-attention,” says Normandy Designer Laura Barber, AKBD.

If you are considering placing a TV above the fireplace in your home, there are a few basic rules of thumb that can help you make the most of both the beauty of your fireplace and white fireplace surroundthe functionality of your television:

Appropriate Clearances: “Because the fireplace can create so much heat, it is important to have adequate space between the television and the fireplace in order to avoid any damage to the TV,” added Laura.  Ensuring that the TV is protected from the heat can be addressed in a variety of ways including placing the TV in a recessed niche, or leaving adequate space above a sizeable mantle, both of which can be designed to minimize the amount of direct heat that reaches the TV.

Proportions:  It is important to keep proportions in mind, so that the focal point of the room remains balanced.  If the fireplace is smaller than the TV, the space can appear where to put the tv in the living room with fireplaceto be too top heavy. For example, this image shows how the tile surround creates and illusion of a larger fireplace, which help keeps the television and fireplace in balance.

Design: “Having an intended space for the TV from the initial design stages can help with the overall layout of the room,” says Laura. “Having a central point of interest helps homeowners decide where furniture would be best placed as well.”  You want to be sure that the TV is positioned at a comfortable viewing angle so that it is an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Embracing the Character of a Living Finish

Copper on roofWhen beginning your home remodeling project, selections can be the most crucial aspect. This is even more true when choosing materials that have “living” characteristics, that may change naturally over time. Understanding the characteristics of your material selections is important when you are deciding whether or not you’d like to preserve the original look of your choices, or allow them to naturally change over time.

“When choosing to incorporate living finishes into your home, it is important to know the product you are purchasing and the subtle variations that the materials can make as time passes,” saysDark bathroom fixtures Normandy Design Manager Troy Pavelka. “Choosing finishes for your home is all about the aesthetic you are trying to capture, the expectations the homeowners have for the space and the care you wish to put into the materials over time.”  When allowing your finishes to naturally alter, in some cases you can help preserve them by applying sealants that create a defensive coating. This is a common selection for homeowners who wish to achieve a vintage or classic look, with natural and artisan-like qualities.  If you prefer that the finishes retain their pristine look, some are available with factory applied coatings that avoid any major changes from exposure.

Wood butcher block kitchen island“Living finishes take on their own unique appearances, which is one of the main attractions homeowners have to these materials in the first place,” added Troy. “But these natural materials are referred to as living finishes due to the fact that they can tarnish and oxidize with every day wear and use.” For example, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Copper and Soap Stone products, take on unique patterns that cannot be duplicated, making these particular finishes, one-of-a-kind.



Soap stone countertop in kitchen

End Furniture Frustrations with Built-In Shelves

Home office ideasHow many times have we gone out in search for a piece of furniture to fit the specifications for the style and space of our home? Since we aren’t always fortunate enough to find the perfect piece of furniture to fit between the nooks and crannies in our home, custom built-in storage has become a popular alternative. “Built-ins are an ideal solution for incorporating a furniture piece and maximizing the potential of the space,” says Normandy Designer Chris Ebert. Bedroom storage ideas“Using the exact dimensions of the area to accommodate the different heights and depths of the corners and rooms in your home, gives you the opportunity to create the ideal piece you have been looking for.”  Choosing to add built-ins to your home allows you to have a one-of-a-kind look that fits precisely into an intended space. Custom shelving can also be tailored to fit specific styles of homes and individual items, all while creating a finished appearance.

“The floor to ceiling storage and display space built-ins can provide, adds visual height, as well as decorative elements, to the space,” added Chris.  Because built ins are constructed to meet individual homes requirements, home office furniture ideasit is also easy to match the architectural elements of the home and choose storage options that are specific to your style.   ”Built-ins often become a statement piece in the room, and help create focal points. Whether your home is modern, traditional, rustic or eclectic, varying materials of the built ins and designing them to fit the style and space of the room, can add to the overall panache and functionality of the area.

Built in wall shelving ideas

Normandy Was Ranked “Top Performer: Room Additions” For 2014

Qualified remodeler magazine august 2014The Normandy family is thrilled to announce that we have been ranked as the “Top Performer: Room Additions” by Remodeling Magazine for 2014! We are flattered to be recognized among so many talented designers and companies and would like to thank our loyal customers, hard-working team, designers and superintendents.



Qualified remodeler top performer august 2014



Stucco Range Hoods In the Kitchen

Stucco oven hoodProper ventilation is one of the most important elements in any kitchen, but just because your hood is a workhorse, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.  Range hoods come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and styles.  In addition to their aesthetic contributions, they help to conceal the blower, which removes the cooking smells and particulates from the kitchen.  “Range hoods are a functional design element of the kitchen that can really add visual interest to theOld world kitchen ideas space,” says Normandy Design Manager Troy Pavelka. “There are a variety of styles that can help enhance the overall look of your kitchen even further, depending on materials and selections you choose.”

Range hoods are available in a wide variety of materials including metal, wood, and stone; stucco or plaster hoods are popular choices for kitchens with an Old World or Tuscan influence and can lend an authentic feelingstucco range hood to the design aesthetic.  “The Old World style relies on texture, and pairing a stucco hood with distressed cabinetry and oil rubbed bronze finishes can immerse your kitchen into that style more fully,” added Troy.  “Stucco hoods also have the option of varying the texture of the surface with either a heavy or light application, a level of flexibility that makes them even more popular in these styles of kitchen.”  Stucco and plaster hoods can also be finished to match surrounding elementsWhite kitchen with stucco hood of the kitchen with a painted or faux finish.

Selecting the right hood for your new kitchen remodel can make a strong visual impact, especially when paired with the right backsplash and surrounding elements.  If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel for your home, register for one of our upcoming kitchen remodeling seminars for a primer on the kitchen design and remodeling experience.